About J.K. Bleeg

Thank you for visiting my site!

I'm an American artist and writer living in England with my husband and two sons. My artwork is in private collections throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Middle East, and I have exhibited my paintings in juried shows in the U.S. and U.K.

We moved to England in 2015 and it still strikes me how lucky I am to have such a broad spectrum of cultures, landscapes and climates within close reach. My surroundings fuel ideas for my art on a daily basis. Colour, in particular, has the power to stop me in my tracks whether I am walking in my neighbourhood or exploring a place for the first time. At various moments, the misty grays and rich greens of the English landscape, the jewel tones of textiles in Dubai, and the transclucent pale aquas of frozen waterfalls in Iceland have all driven me to my easel. Back in my native New England, I love the fiery reds and warm yellows of autumn leaves, which I have often strived to capture and make permanent on canvas.


In Portuguese and Brazilian literature and music, the term saudade refers to a melancholic nostalgia or longing for a person, a memory, or even something that has not even taken place. I experience it when I think about people I have loved and lost, simple pleasures that remind me of childhood, favourite places I have visited, song lyrics or book passages that haunt me long after I have heard or read them, or daydreams that play out in my head. I think this mixture of contrasting emotion -- love and longing, appreciation and sadness -- makes life richer. It's a mental state I like to tap into when I paint and something I try to translate onto the canvas.

I hope my work provides you with a similar escape to, or a permanent reminder of, a special place, memory, or state of mind. Please share your stories with me. They might inspire my next piece!