One of my favourite parts of making art is getting to know my collectors and having them become friends! I value all of them and work hard to serve them well. Here are some comments from people who own my artwork:

"Jen, I just love it so much. You've done such a fantastic job capturing a beautiful memory. The colours are so powerful and evocative. It's definitely going in our dining room where I can admire it every day and daydream while looking at it." -- S.B., Bristol, UK

"They are here and they are absolutely gorgeous!!! Cannot wait to get them up on the wall! I am thrilled! The whole process of working with you from requirements to delivery was easy and delightful. Thank you, Jen."-- S.E., Virginia, US

"Jennifer, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love it. I'm so glad it's mine!" -- D.J.S., Utah, US

"Each time I look at the paintings, I am transported back to a serene setting that holds wonderful memories for me. Jen worked painstakingly to achieve exactly the right shades and hues, frequently consulting with me to achieve just the right mood." -- J.C., Maryland, US

"It arrived!!! I love it. :):):) There's such a beautiful feminine energy to the piece -- mature, but also playful. Exactly the kind of thing we all need, especially on a day like today!" -- D.D., Winnipeg, Canada

"I love Jennifer's paintings and I have been collecting them for a while. Jennifer is a brilliant artist who is passionate about her work, and she also provides great customer service. If you like one of Jennifer's paintings, I would recommend that you contact her as she is very approachable and happy to arrange a viewing or talk to you about her paintings." -- B.F., Bristol, UK

"Jen is such an amazing artist. We have one of her original paintings at home and it's phenomenal in its use of colour." -- T.E., Bristol, UK

"Happy to have your work in my home. What a lovely treat -- thank you so much. Photos do not do justice to how vivid and textured the painting is up close." -- M.D., Dubai, UAE